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Born in Hong Kong and raised in Victoria, BC, Sharon Lam is a Chinese Canadian illustrator who loves the challenge of trying to capture the spirit of a place. She began digitally illustrating her familys' favourite restaurants, cafes, and parks when her Mom entered hospice care. In their final weeks together, Sharon realized that their favourite memories did not take place on distant vacations but instead at their weekly local haunts. Sharon's art aims to celebrate all of the cherished memories that were created in these special spots. 


Growing up in her family restaurant downtown, Sharon loved their weekly shopping trips at Fisgard market, always looked forward to eating egg tarts at Wah Lai Yuen and begrudgingly attended Chinese School (though she is now very happy she is able to speak Chinese). Inspired by the vibrant culture and heritage of Victoria's Chinatown, Sharon enjoys illustrating the many different buildings and businesses, both past and present, that are there.

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