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Yen is a Taiwanese-born, Burnaby-based digital illustrator and designer. She moved to Metro Vancouver when she was 15 years old. While completing her degree in Media Arts and Design, she began crafting her artistic style, which draws inspiration from nature, culture, and everyday life. Yen cares deeply about animals and her immediate surroundings, which is why they are recurring themes in art. More recently, she began to apply her whimsical style through commissioned portraits and real-time caricatures. Yen's vision is to engage others through visual storytelling, whimsy, and delight in all her works.

To Yen, Chinatown is one of the most memorable places in Metro Vancouver. Since Yen was a schoolgirl, Chinatown has become where she often hangs out with her friends and family on the weekends. The delicious food and traditional markets bring a sense of familiarity and belonging. Its beauty of juxtaposition, rich history and heritage always inspire Yen from time to time. 

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