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Esther Leung-Kong is a Vancouver based Chinese Canadian Author. Wonderfully Made 奇妙的傑作 is a bilingual picture book for children ages 5 – 10 where Esther shares her story and struggles of fitting in as a child immigrating to a new place. Along the way she met Indigenous friends and learned about their stories that helped transform her journey in embracing her own cultural roots. This book aims to educate children on diversity, anti-racism, anti-bullying, immigrant struggles and cultural representation. The book also comes with a bilingual version with English and traditional Chinese character with pinyin. 

My connection with Chinatown began as an immigrant family when I came to Canada as a 9-year-old child. Chinatown is where we would go for the biggest dim sum restaurant in Vancouver. The sight of the familiar architecture and colors brings about a warm feeling and cultural identity within myself. It is such a joy now that I get to bring my own children to Chinatown trying on Chinese New Year outfits and decorations, enjoying a meal at dim sum or “Hong Kong style cafe”, watching the exciting annual CNY parade and much more. 

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