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Modernize Tailormade
Modernize Tailors

Modernize Tailors, established in 1913, is the one of the oldest legacy businesses in Vancouver Chinatown. Founded by Wong Kung Lai, Modernize has been the go-to tailor shop for locals and celebrities alike by offering men's suiting services with a personalized touch. 


Today, the legacy of this over a 100 year-old business is led by Mia Wu, apprentice of the legendary late Bill Wong. With her strong desire and promise to carry on this master tailor's legacy, we have ushered in a new generation of tailoring; modernizing and respectfully building on the traditions and revered craftsmanship. The tailoring house now offers services such as bespoke garments, clothing design, wardrobe advice, styling, and alteration services. Modernize provides a personalized tailor-made experience for all ages and genders, as well as for all occasions. 


Thanks to the continued support from the neighbourhood of Chinatown, Modernize Tailors has become one of the oldest tailoring houses in Vancouver. With every satisfied client, the financial support directly supports local youth tailors who make up the team at Modernize Tailors.  


"Your personal tailor - a perfect fit for every body type and personality."

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