If Vancouver is the most Asian city in North America, then it’s also the most bicultural. It’s not uncommon to see the melding of cultures where language and verbal expressions become common usage amongst diverse language groups, creating a shared lexicon. This phenomenon can also be seen in other major cities across North America. The bicultural t-shirts are a celebration of that phenomenon, one that is uniquely global and a recognition that language can transcend cultural boundaries and enjoy acceptance and common understanding. At a minimum, they’re sure to be a conversation piece!
designer: HamazakiWong

“la” t-shirt - women’s slim fit

  • For men, tshirts typically fit one size smaller due to the slim-fit material. If you are usually a medium, buy a large.

    For women, the material is also slim fit. Please refer to the exact measurements below. 

    Sizes S M L XL
    • shoulder to shoulder 12 inch
    • waist 14 inch
    • hem 16 inch
    • sleeve length 6 inch
    • shoulder to shoulder 13 inch
    • waist 14 inch
    • hem 17 inch
    • sleeve length 6 inch
    • shoulder to shoulder 14 inch
    • waist 15.5 inch
    • hem 18 inch
    • sleeve length 6.5 inch
    • shoulder to shoulder 14 inch
    • hem 17.5 inch
    • sleeve length 8 inch
    • shoulder to shoulder 17 inch
    • hem 21 inch
    • sleeve length 9.25 inch
    • Shoulder to shoulder 18 inch
    • hem 23 inch
    • sleeve length 10 inch
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