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Wonder Societies

Chinatown, Strathcona, and the Downtown Eastside are home to the highest concentration of Chinese societies and associations in Vancouver.

Societies were typically created based on a commonality of:
- surname (i.e. Mah, Wong)

- clan (i.e. Chau Luen, Freemasons)

- language or dialect (i.e. Hakka, Toisan)

- region or location (i.e. Yue Shan, Zhongshan)

For over a century, they have served as unwavering stewards of cultural heritage and an entry point for newcomers. Societies were originally established to support Chinese emigrants seeking safety, shelter, employment, and to build relationships.

Today, Societies continue to bring members together to engage in cultural, social, and benevolent activities, conserve heritage, and maintain ties with other clans around the world.

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