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Hi there! My name is Windy and I am the maker behind Windigo Beeswax Wrap. I started making beeswax wrap in my own kitchen as a way to reduce my own plastic usage in my daily routine while hoping to inspire others.  

What is a beeswax wrap, you ask :)

It is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cling wrap that is compostable, reusable and washable.  They have anti-microbial properties and made with all-natural ingredients including beeswax, jojoba oil, pine resin and 100% cotton. They're perfect for wrapping leftovers, snacks to go, cheese, fruits and veggies while helping them stay fresh longer. Yay to reducing single plastic use and reducing food waste.  


What connects me to Chinatown?

I’ve immigrated to Vancouver in 1996 and back then, we didn’t have as many access to Chinese groceries, restaurants and stores as we do today. So my family and I would make regular weekend trip to eat dim sum, followed by purchasing Asian baked goods and groceries. As a teen, I’ll be catching a movie with my friends at Tinseltown (now known as International Village) or splurge our allowance for BBT and Night market goodies. To this day, we’d make annual trip to watch the lion dance parade during Lunar New Year and spend our red pocket money on silly knick knacks. In short, Chinatown is piece of home and I still get excited whenever I get the opportunity to visit.

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