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Wonder Walks

Vancouver Chinatown’s character naturally draws us in. There are endless surprises once you are immersed in the neighbourhood and take a closer look. This guided tour will take you on a journey from past to present day, highlighting big sights in little Chinatown. 


The streets of Chinatown are steeped in history and living culture. From traditional shops with goods spilling onto the sidewalk to hidden breezeways - let us transport you through space and time. Chinatown is full of wonders and stories that provide us with a better sense of who Vancouver is and the long history of Chinese migration to Canada.


Rooted in community involvement and ties, our guides explore the importance of community, culture, history, heritage, and place. You will have access to spaces that are not open to the public. 


To conclude each tour, you will have the unique opportunity to learn about resources and community initiatives we researched and developed. You can also take home souvenirs crafted by local artists from Chinatown Wonders!

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