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Chinatown’s character naturally draws us in. The more time we spend in the neighbourhood, the more we realize there is to discover and learn. There are endless surprises once you take a closer look around you and tap into your inner curiosity. 


The streets of Chinatown are steeped in history and living culture. From traditional shops with goods spilling onto the sidewalk, to nooks and laneways that transport us through space and time - Chinatown is full of wonders. 


Chinatown Wonders gathers artists and creators that bring the wonders of Chinatown to life through cultural creations and their journeys. Our purpose is to build and strengthen connections to Chinatown by creating a space to deepen ties to community, culture, history, heritage, and place. 


Come and explore the wonders of Chinatown with us. Learn more


Vancouver Chinatown connects us to our heritage, and it is the place that brought us together. We first met on the street at a community festival and after a few more encounters, quickly discovered our shared passion for Chinese Canadian history and visual storytelling. 

We work on cultural heritage initiatives in Chinatown, combining our professional backgrounds in consulting, technology and photography. We also volunteer on a number of committees to support the conservation, revitalization, and recovery of Chinatown. Our family roots tie us to Malaysia, Southern China and Hong Kong.

As the place where we have rediscovered our roots, Chinatown has become our anchor. We draw our inspiration from the time we spend in Chinatown where we work, socialize, and reside.


We love working with others who find creative ways to instill pride in and promote our diverse cultures. The cultural creations are a catalyst for conversations, providing the opportunity to exchange stories and make deeper connections with one another.

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