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Seeing the beauty around me and capturing those precious and fleeting moments with my art is my passion. After graduating with high honours from Sheridan's animation program in 2014, I worked in the animation industry for 6 years as an environment designer. In 2020 I finally started working as a full time freelance artist as an illustrator and content creator.

As a Chinese Canadian who came to Canada at the age of 12, my sense of belonging to the Chinese community is very strong. I find all Chinatowns across the world endearing. Having lived in Vancouver for the past 6 years, I'm still amazed at all the events happening in Chinatown throughout the year. A friend of mine told me about the Creative Chinatown Fair and I immediately applied to attend. It's simply just nice to be surrounded by people who came from similar backgrounds as you. The event truly made me feel connected to this special community.

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