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As a Vancouver maker, I am focused on designing and making natural textile goods with great care and in limited quantities. My line of zero waste products embraces a shift towards re-usable items.

Growing up in Vancouver, my years long connection to Chinatown is as basic as nourishment.  Saturdays were the designated day for my family's grocery runs there.  As a child and into my late teens, my siblings and I would wait patiently on the sidewalk, close to the curb with bags filled with groceries ready to be made into delicious Cantonese meals, while attempting to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of browsers as our parents shopped.  Those days are distant memories as is the vibrancy that once defined Vancouver's Chinatown. It is now as a parent I realize the impact of Chinatown on me and has lead to my desire to contribute to the continuation of its relevance within Vancouver and for our youth.


This has become a full circle moment — I am thrilled to reconnect with Chinatown through Chinatown Wonders. My special edition sewn goods are crafted with great care with select textile prints representing my interpretation of my heritage. It is through the Chinatown Wonders initiative I hope to be inspired and inspire my child with the history of Chinatown.

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