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Dawn Lo is an illustrator whose work has appeared in picture books, stationery, greeting cards, public art installations, and more! Born in Hong Kong, she is currently based in the traditional and unceded territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations, also known as Vancouver, BC. 


Missing her grandmother and her bold outfit choices, Dawn became a frequent visitor of Chinatown hoping to get inspired by more layering outfits and to surround herself with the familiar atmosphere. Chinatown is not Chinatown without the sartorial fashion of these local dwellers; their style is original, defying, and unafraid, which is also what Chinatown represents. Eventually, Dawn connected with organizations like Hua Foundation, Youth Collaborative for Chinatown, Yarrow Society and many more. She hoped to continue to stay connected through the intergenerational and intercultural activities in the neighbourhood. In 2019, she also created a mural, "Gathering," which focuses on the celebration of Chinese Culture and the beauty of diversity. The mural is located at the Chinese Culture Centre, on E Pender St side. 


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