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We are a group of creative friends who like to meet up for food and draw stuff. Sometimes it's just the three of us, while other times our group is large enough for a rooftop party. Even though we may not always be in the same place, city, or country, it always feels like one great family reunion whenever we get together. Our comic anthology "Friends & Food: stories" started off during one of our legendary hot pot gatherings. We imagined a world filled with little food characters. From there, stories of this world's cities began to emerge as we explore our cultural heritage as Chinese-Canadians in our zines and comics. 

As children, Chinatown was a place to go to find Chinese history and culture. We've been there when the streets were still teeming with people shopping for groceries, herbs, and household items. There was something so nostalgic about passing the old lady on the stool who sold handmade trinkets displayed on a cloth. There are the delicious bakeries, restaurants, and eateries that still sell memorable foods that cannot be replicated elsewhere. We collectively think about all that history that may have left those streets but are still imprinted in our minds.


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