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Gin Mao Mao (GMM) means "gold kitty" in traditional Mandarin, and pays homage to the iconic paw-raised "beckoning cat" figurine displayed to welcome luck and joy to the owner. A natural choice for our brand mascot, Gin Mao Mao design endeavors to bring happiness to recipients. We provide a unique, culturally infused limited quantity collection of designed and curated streetwear and lifestyle accessories. GMM, is designed with fun and intended for everyday. 


We are a 5 member team based in Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou: Rebecca Chong, Em W, Condy, Betty Wong and Charmain Liu. The team designs, develops  as well as curates products. Established in 2020, GMM is the result of a long-time working relationship between us through various business projects. We collectively have 20+ years of field experience in the garment industry.


Rebecca Chong is a Chinese Canadian design and creative consultant based in Vancouver. She is the founder behind team Gin Mao Mao. With a passion for creating and designing for most part of her life, Rebecca is a fashion maven who has led a career journey that spans 20 years in China managing product design and apparel creations for mass market retailers. She believes her creativity is inherently rooted in where she grew up. Dedicated weekly market visits to Chinatown, with her parents throughout her teens, are her earliest inspirations - a creative blessing, she has come to discover, is from the place where it all began.

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