⚠️ CAUTION! May Cause YeetHay!

This sticker features all of the Yeet Hay essentials - fried chicken, french fries, burger, and chips 🍔 🍟. 'Yeet Hay' in Cantonese literally translates to 'hot air'- fried and oily foods you were told to not eat growing up to avoid pimples or coughs - a phrase everyone heard growing up in an Asian household.


  • 3" x 2" sticker
  • durable and weatherproof that can withstand scratching, rain, or UV
  • matte paper finish and scratch-resistant surface
  • suitable for both indoor or outdoor use (laptops, water bottles, planners, and etc.)
  • made to last and won't easily fade

creator: YeetHayClub

CAUTION! may cause yeethay! - sticker