With community at the heart of all our work, it is our goal to shift the narrative that surrounds Chinatown, sharing stories of its past and present and aspirations for its future. Specifically, this publication highlights the work of different youth groups in Chinatown, deep-dives into different Chinese foods, pulls back the curtain on some otherwise hidden or lesser-known cultural characteristics of Chinatown, and looks at important current issues such as rezoning and gentrification.


We used our collective understanding of community as our guiding star, our theme. After much brainstorming, fine-tuning, editing, rewriting, espresso-shotting (you get the picture), we decided on three supporting pillars:


  • Built spaces — How do the physical spaces we occupy and create influence our sense of selves and belonging? Rezoning, cultural landscapes and more.
  • Food — From ancient dried goods to refreshing red bean desserts, we look at foods that help bridge generations and traverse time.
  • People — A look at youth organizations in Chinatown; who they are, and what they’re fighting for.


publisher: Chinatown Today 

Chinatown Stories: volume 1